About Jada X: The Brand

About Jada X: The Brand

Who are we?

We offer a variety of self-care and wellness products to elevate the homebody experience.

Our first line of product is called Òlá-Òlè by Jada

Òlá-Òlè means “Light of the Home” in the Idoma language

Our candle line is deeply inspired by the warmth of family which our candles signify. The candle-line is created in honour of my grandfather and my family.

Our line of candles are made out of environmentally friendly, soy wax blends and a variety of lead free and FSC certified approved wicks wood and cotton wicks with premium phthalate-free oils to produce the best quality candles to grace your homes.

Our Mission:

We are founded on the principle of LOVE and strongly value self-care as an essential part a healthy society. 

Our goal is to elevate the homebody experience through our products while also pursuing and contributing to the sustainable development of vulnerable sectors of our society and environment.

We are committed to creating products that are safe for our bodies and our environment which is why we proactively opt for ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

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